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    The Jersey Devil - 1oz Copper Round (Coin)

    1oz. .999 Fine Copper, Solid Copper (Rounds) Coin (Not Plated). ---- Comes in a clear Protective Plastic Capsule.
    SKU: Cryptid Jersey Devil 1oz copper


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      Folklore surrounding the Jersey Devil dates back to the 18th century in what was then a colony of Great Britain. The area now known as the US state of New Jersey was home to the legend of a fearsome prowler in the woods around Pine Barrens. The legendary creature was said to have the body of a horse, the head of a goat, and the ability to fly.

      Some accounts of the Jersey Devil refer to it as the Leeds Devil, a name that comes from the story of Pine Barrens resident Jane Leeds. It is said that she cursed her own 13th-born child out of frustration. She cried that the child would be the devil and that, when the child was born in 1735 on a stormy night, its fate was sealed. Though born a normal child, Jane Leeds curse turned the child into a creature with hooves, a goats head, and wings like a bat.

      Obverse designs on the 1 oz Cryptid Creatures The Jersey Devil Copper Round show off the popular folkore surrounding the Leeds version of the Jersey Devil. The figure is shown standing on its hind legs with its bat-like wings spread. The house in the background has notches marking 13, representing Mrs. Leeds 13th child that became the famed Jersey Devil.