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    Aztec Collection

    Aztec Collection

    The Aztec Calendar collection includes silver and copper both rounds and bars in a variety of sizes. Visually the Aztec calendar is a stunning and intricate display and as a round object itself a perfect fit for these fantastic pieces that will make a beautiful addition to any collection.

    These Rounds are of 1oz. .999 Fine Solid Copper (Rounds) Coin, or 1oz 999 fine Solid Silver (Not Plated).

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    Picture of Aztec Calendar  (1 oz. Copper Round) Coin

    Aztec Calendar (1 oz. Copper Round) Coin

    1oz. .999 Fine Copper, Solid Copper (Rounds) Coin (Not Plated). ---- Comes in a clear Protective Plastic Capsule.
    $10.80 $9.00
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