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    About the Commemorative Coins

    About the Commemorative Rounds (Coins)


    (Please Note: These Commemorative Collectors Rounds (Coins), Do not have Currency Value, nor do they have Value for Legal Tender. They are Commemorative Collector Coins Only. Their True Value is based on their weight in, Copper value, or in Silver value.) Plus their unquic design also brings in added Value, and if they are of Limited Numbered Edition.

    At this time our inventory of Commemorative Rounds (Coins), are very limited in quantities.  As our inventor goes down we will order more stock. If we do run out of the coin that you are inertested in, plaese add the coin to your back in stock notice, or your wishlist. As we will notify you as soon as our inventory is back in stock.

    The Coins we will be carrying:

    * Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 

    * Aztec Calendar

    * CryptoCurrency

    * Frank Frazetta 

    * Limited Edition Coins (that are Numbered)

    * Religion 

    * Silver Eagle

    * Silver Shield Design in Copper and in Silver


    As you can see we are bringing to you the oppunity to buy, Perious Metal Collective Rounds (Coins). That's right these Commemorative coins are, Pure Solid Silver of .999 Fine Silver Coin, or Pure Solid Copper of .999 Fine Copper Coins. 

    Also these coins that we will be offering are of Solid Copper, or Solid Silver, they are NOT Plated,:

    Coin weight:

    1/4 oz Copper, and Silver

    1/2 oz Copper, and Silver

    1oz. Copper, and Silver

    2oz. Copper, and Silver 

    Also these Coins are Uncirculated, Untouched Coins. Also these coins are Minted Fresh, at time of the original Purchaser, to Resell to the Public.

    As their Copper or Silver Value gose up, so does your Coin, and plus your coin also brings that added value, based on their magnifisently original designed with great detail to them. 

    They are worth their, Copper value, or their, Silver value. The Silver coins are IRA Approved, as investment.


    All these coins we are offering, are a Great way to Invest in, Copper, and Silver True Value.

    We will also, if possible try to bring to you Limited Edition Coins.


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