Regarding Our EBooks that we sell, by BlueMoon Books.

All of our Ebook are Non Returnable, and Non Refundable. No questions asked.


If you have a questions about our Ebooks, you can Create a Ticket in your Account to ask questions.



All other Products sold by BlueMoon Books, are Non Returnable, with acceptions.

Those acceptions are:

1) If ordered wrong Product

2) Received wrong Product

3) Product has broken during shipping. But you have 2 hours to report it to the USPS by filing a claim at the USPS facility. And you have 3 hours from receiving your product to submit a Ticket in your account. Must also have pictures of product and shipping box, or envelope to show damage as well.  

After you report your claim we will follow up with the USPS facility, to make sure you had filed a claim.



Vendor Marketplace Shops

Regarding their EBooks, and Products, which are sold by Vendors (Sellers) on BlueMoon Books.

They may offer Returns for their Products. As that is all up to those seller, as they are the seller and shipper for their product(s).


Contact the seller of your product, not BlueMoon Books.



Reward Points

Regarding your Customer Loyalty Reward Points that you receive, from buying any and all Products on BlueMoon Books site, encluding products that you bought from Vendors (Sellers).

When returning any product for any reason, your Reward Point, will be removed that you received for that Product(s).