Downloading / Opening- Our EBooks

All Ebook Orders will show up in your (My Account)

Click on My Account and you will see your Account info.

1. Click on Download Products Tab to display your ebooks.

2. Then click on the ebook Download Button.

3. Check the box about our ebook download agreement. You cannot download until you click on the Agree Box.

4. It will then download the ebook to your device.

5. Look on your device under folder called download, there you will see the ebook listed by the ISBN Number.

6. you can now open the ebook and enjoy.

Get the Free EBook EPub Reader from Adobe Digital Editions:

then Select your device to download the EBook - EPub reader Program: 
Download Digital Edition 4.5.9 Macintosh (22MB)
Download Digital Edition 4.5.9 Windows (8.24MB)
You can open our Ebooks - EPub, which you can put on to the Adobe Reader ---

Or you can place our Ebook EPub on to any EBook EPub Reader. Kindle is Not an EBook EPub Reader. Kindle is an EBook Mobi Reader.

You can use:
BN Nook Ebook - EPub Reader
or Apple iBooks EBook - EPub Reader
or Kobo EBook EPub Reader
Or get the Adobe Digital EBook EPub Reader at link above.

Or on to any computer / device. And use Microsoft Edge Browser to open the Ebooks - EPub.

Our Ebooks are available for Download 7 day for after you purchase the ebook. After that time the link will be Removed. So please download your Ebook within 7 days. As you will not be able to download your Ebook after those 7 days. Also, we are unable to send another link to Download your ebook.


All EBooks are Non- Returnable / Non-Refundable


After your EBook Purchase is complete, Your Ebook Download is Available Immediately After Purchase.

Before downloading our EBooks. You will need to Accept and Acknowledge our Agreement.

We do see all your download activity. Downloading the ebook more than 1 time, is considered Abuse of our Ebooks. As it is Illegal to download it many times.

If you have questions, please contact us.

If you want extra copy, please order another copy.

Thank You
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