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    About us

    Welcome to BlueMoon Books, our online bookstore, we only sell New Products. As our Marketplace seller sells New and Used. 

    We are adding New Products often, so please visit us daily, to see what we added.

    If you are looking for your favorite Author, and we do not have them listed yet. Please contact us and we will be glad to add your favorite authors to the store ASAP.

    We also have deals throughout the week. So, please visit us often.


    We also have our E-Newsletter that we will send out to our Registered Customers, and if you Subscribed, or if you had bought any product(s) from us, about our Deals. So please sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed.


    A little history about us.

    Back in 2005 we started Our Publishing Company (ISOTUT Publishing, and as time gone by, that name has been changed to DragonEye Publishing). As time went by, in 2020 we again had decided to widen our horizion by creating a full online bookstore, (BlueMoon Books). This way we can have the benifit of all worlds, the publishing and a full line Bookstore.

    BlueMoon Books, is are Full line store. As we have Marketplace shops, where other sellers can list and sell their products. DragonEye Publishers, and other sellers has their own shops, that they sell along side of our store.

    We are located in Elmira, NY


    Thank You,

    BlueMoon Books

    Store Manager 


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