Abominable Snowman - 1oz Copper Round (Coin)

1oz. .999 Fine Copper, Solid Copper (Rounds) Coin (Not Plated). ---- Comes in a clear Protective Plastic Capsule.
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    The Abominable Snowman is deeply rooted in the folklore of the indigenous people who live throughout the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. The Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, is said to be a large, bipedal creature related to apes that has either brown-and-gray hair or even all-white hair. Depictions of its size and frame vary, but most depict it as being at least 7-feet tall with large hands, a muscular frame, and sharp teeth.

    On the obverse of these Cryptid Creatures Abominable Snowman Copper Rounds, you will find a unique image of the Yeti. This depiction captures a very large creature with an exceptionally muscular frame. The beast has curled horns on its head, with massive feet and long claws on its hands. The beast is set amidst a snowy backdrop.

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