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    The Angel's Game - Book 1 - The Gift

    SKU: 9781615000197 DEP
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781615000197


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    Two thousand years ago a man was beset upon the earth by the Gods, and he is here still, a ruthless assassin moving amongst us as nothing more than a mist, the insanity of man has enraged him, forcing him outside the rules and he has become a savage, humanity nothing more than a foul taste in his mouth.And yet there is also one other, a man born to save the world, again.Tom Marconi knows all, a single penetrating stare is all he needs, his phenomenon has worked well for our judicial system and now... the time has come for it to work for the world, but Tom does not know who he is, or who he is meant to be.The protectors of the prophecy must guide him, twelve immortal men born to give their lives so that mankind will prevail beyond the terrible prediction handed down to their fathers, gifted men that track the man in black. Hell's breath is in the wind, and damnation is nigh.