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    SKU: 9781925219593
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781925219593


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    Beyond the thin film of life exists a dimension feared by the living since the dawn of time, an unavoidable world for us all, a world terrorised by a man whose reputation strikes fear by name alone, the other a beast of unstoppable power. When Bethany and her two young sons are killed by a head-on collision with a bus she finds herself forced into a battle of survival in a world overrun by lawless legions of the dead who revel in the soulless anarchy of the dark side. The time has come to join the crusade against forces of evil beyond the eye of God. Hold tightly to the promised immortality of your soul to see beyond that of corruption, temptation and the powers of darkness, or be lost the dark side. 


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