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    My Christmas Present... Has What? (EB)

    Format: EBook - (EPub - Version works on, Nook / Apple iBook / Microsoft Edge Browser / Kobo / Adobe Ebook Reader) Available Immediately After Purchase. Go to My Account and click on Download Products to download the ebook. Also the link is in the Order Complete - Email.
    SKU: 9781615002238 EBook EPub
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781615002238


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    What the hell had Noel’s best friend Ronnie done to her? When Ronnie invited her to decorate her brother’s monster mansion, hoping to put her Holiday Decorating business on the map, the last thing she expected to find herself surrounded by was a nest of creatures that weren’t even supposed to exist!

    And, now, Noel’s attracted to the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen! And, he’s Noel’s brother, Damian Blood, who saved her from being raped. Even as she watched in shock as he killed the creature, for that was what he was, she realizes that Damian was the same creature. Her heart and eyes don’t believe what she sees. When she discovers Ronnie is also one of them, she runs.

    Damian Blood is Ronnie’s brother. Not her real one, of course. When he saves Noel from another, he tries to deny that she is his mate, but he cannot. But, now, she knows all about them, and the law states that she must be killed or turned into a blood-bonded human to him. He has never had one, like any of the others. There is no option. When he and Ronnie discover that Noel is more than just an ordinary human, they must step in to protect her. Damian, however, has to save her from one of his irritating enemies, he accidentally does something he shouldn’t do, and ties Noel to him forever.

    More and more surprises come to Noel, and when she finds out the truth about the wreck that killed her parents when she was two, her life becomes even more unbelievable. Noel is kidnapped – not once, but twice during this exciting Christmas adventure. Only each time takes her deeper into a world she never knew existed. Her life will never be the same, but is she really upset about it?