UEE or Not UEE-That is the Question by Duane Stjernholm, (Dane Starland)

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        UEE (you ease) or Not UEE (you ease), That is the Question: Whether 'Tis Wiser to Suffer in the Modern World or Take Action Against the Inequities in it. This book, set five years in the future, recounts one day in the hypothetical Life of Jane, a thirty-something, unemployed, Hotel Catering Executive. The book is divided into two scenarios. In Scenario 1, Jane goes through her day without the Benefits of being a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia. In Scenario 2, UEE Member Jane goes through the same hypothetical day, but with surprisingly different and significant experiences and results. To paraphrase Robert Frost, she took the road less traveled, and it made all the difference.

        ISBN-13:   978-1-61500-071-5


        Publication date:  August, 2015


        Pages:  132

        Product dimensions: 6 x 9

        Genre: Spirituality

        Age: 15 and up