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    Sekhmet | Egyptian Gods Series #6 (2 oz Silver Round - High Relief) Coin - Limited Edition

    2oz. .999 Fine Silver, Solid Silver (Rounds) Coin (Not Plated). ---- Comes in a clear Protective Plastic Capsule. This coin series is limited Mintage. Coin will be minted for, 3 months only and the design is retired.
    SKU: Sekhmet EGS 6 - 3252374


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          Coin Mintage: .999 1 oz. Silver

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          In Ancient Egyptian mythology and culture, the gods and goddesses that people worshipped were believed to take on both human forms and have an animal form. When the deities were depicted in human form, it was often with the head of a beast. The animal depictions would, conversely, showcase the figure as a full-fledged animal. In the case of Sekhmet, she is associated with felines and showcases slight differences in her animal and human forms.

          All of the 2 oz Sekhmet Silver Rounds are available to you individually with plastic flips and by multiples of 10 inside of a plastic tube. Each silver round has an ultra-high-relief strike, creating greater visual depth for the design strikes.

          Obverse visuals on the 2 oz Sekhmet Silver Round include the human form of Sekhmet. She is depicted in a seated position with her hand held behind her back. This hand clutches a sickle with drops of blood falling from its curved blade. The design captures her with a sleek feminine figure and the head of a lioness. Above her head is the Uraeus symbol, an Ancient Egyptian design of a coiled cobra that is a symbol of the pharaohs, deities, and royalty.

          Reverse designs for the 2 oz Sekhmet Silver Round showcase some of the common elements of the series. This includes the pyramid in the background with a wall of hieroglyphs behind the pyramid. In the foreground, the animal figure of Sekhmet is shown as a cat in right-profile relief seated atop a sarcophagus. Sekhmet was associated with the pharaohs in life and death, serving as a guardian for departed pharaohs in the afterlife.


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