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    Midnight Creeping - Early Morning Reaping hc

    SKU: 9781615000265 DEP Hardcover
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781615000265


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    Midnight creeping sometimes bring upon early morning weeping. Why? Because the villain in this story, Gaylin Harris, receives more than what he bargains for when he decides to cheat on his Christian paralyzed wife with scandalous homewrecking women. Gail Harris is helpless and confined to a wheelchair. Just when she thinks that things could not get much worse, someone in hell leaves the gate open when she lays stiff in bed, hearing erotic sounds from her husband with another woman right in her own house. Gaylin Harris is evil, more poisonous than the venom in a snake. He plays malicious games with his wife's emotions and uses her handicap as a cruel way to enslave her mentality so that her soul will remained trapped inside of a dead body. With countless years of infidelity, he finally meets "lips of death" Loretta Cox, who is beautiful, sexy, dazzling, and a psychopathic deranged outcast who takes sweet revenge to a whole new level that spurs her into one of the worlds most dramatic bloodthirsty rampages. What is known as a game to Gaylin has now become a vicious cycle. No one knows how the game will end, but after everything is said and done, he will surely reap what he sowed. Midnight Creeping, Early Morning Reaping, sounds a call to all CHEATERS that what you do in the dark, may not bring you back to the light.