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    Logic List English: Rhyming Words etc. - Vol 1A

    Paperback - Color Interior
    SKU: 9781615001491
    GTIN (ISBN / EAN / UPC): 9781615001491


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    The author of this book is a classroom assistant in Scotland. He conceived of this book series after struggling to learn a foreign language and wondering what stumbling blocks someone new to English would have, in increasing his or her own knowledge of the language. He also sought out and discovered ways to actively build up vocabulary and introduce grammar to the learner through usage i.e. samples, rather than trying to teach the rules and letting them acquire the vocabulary, which he considers back to front as a process.


    The ideas behind this series are not totally original but their format as workbooks is as far as he knows, as is their use at all levels (Secondary, Remedial, Adult Literacy and Second Language learning). It is hoped that this set of volumes will help reduce the growing trend in illiteracy, by reproducing easily assemble material, through teaching memorable patterns in all areas as the series progresses.

    In the authors opinion, language should be taught scientifically as with Mathematics – one symbol at a time, then in combinations and variations, that is letters, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, essays. Language is music (sound) and this links to Math’s through harmony of effort as in poetry or song, its highest, most enjoyable form - where both sorts of sound come together (instrumental and vocal).


    Assimilating any language (Too many systems on the market seemed more it easy for the learner to understand how the actual language works and can be easily picked up). This I have attempted to do with English, my own tongue, in the hope that others will reciprocate and create their own transparent layouts for learning German, French etc.

    My method reduces English to its bare bones, so that like music or mathematics, the patterns are clear and obvious (Not hidden behind mumbo-jumbo) and are self-evident: Bad teaching obscures the truth like a magic trick, where you are left confused as to how itwas done - not enlightened by what you yourself see.


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