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Customer Loyalty Program Reward Points

BlueMoon Books, Customer Loyalty Program Reward Points

We are now offering - Customer Loyalty Program - Reward Points –

How Reward Points work:

Earn Reward Points -- 1 Reward Point = $0.10. Only Redeemable on our online store during Checkout.

Reward Points do have an Expiration date. Check your account, and then click on Reward Points.

You will need a minimum of 20 points, $2 worth, before you will be able to use them. You can use these earned points, only in the store that you earned them in.

How you can earn Reward Points:

1) For every $4 Spent during your Current Purchasing, you will receive - 1 Reward Point –
Reward Points Expires 365 Days from receiving them.

Points earned from Current Purchasing, will be Activated 5 days after the Purchase date. And Expire 365 days after.

2) You will Receive 4 Points for Creating an Account – These Points will expire 365 days, from receiving them.

3) You will receive 4 Points, for signing up for our Newsletter. These Points will Expire 200 days from receiving them.

4) You will be able to take part in our Referral's Program! Register as a Customer.

Earn 25 points, for your friend's purchase! Send them an Email of every Product that you want to Recommend to them. Using the, Email a Friend Button, under the Buy Button.

5) You will be able to take part in our Review Rewards Program! Register as a Customer.
Earn 10 points for each of your reviews!

Important Notice:
You can lose your Reward Points if:

1) If You Cancel your Order
2) If you Return Items - You will lose the point for that purchase
3) If you unsubscribe from the Newsletter
4) If you cancel your registration

Use your Reward points ASAP, as they Expire 365 days after receiving them.

Thank You,

BlueMoon Books

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