Customer Loyalty Program Reward Points

BlueMoon Books, Customer Loyalty Program Reward Points

We are now offering - Customer Loyalty Program - Reward Points –

How Reward Points work:

Earn Reward Points -- 1 Reward Point = $0.10. Only Redeemable on our online store during Checkout.

Reward Points do have an Expiration date. Check your account, and then click on Reward Points.

You will need a minimum of 20 points, $2 worth, before you will be able to use them. You can use these earned points, only in the store that you earned them in.

How you can earn Reward Points:

1) For every $4 Spent during your Current Purchasing, you will receive - 1 Reward Point –
Reward Points Expires 365 Days from receiving them.

Points earned from Current Purchasing, will be Activated 5 days after the Purchase date.

2) You will Receive 4 Points for Creating an Account – These Points will expire 365 days, from receiving them.

3) You will receive 4 Points, for signing up for our Newsletter. These Points will Expire 200 days from receiving them.

Important Notice:
You can lose your Reward Points if:

1) If You Cancel your Order
2) If you Return Items - You will lose the point for that purchase
3) If you unsubscribe from the Newsletter
4) If you cancel your registration

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