Battling Guillain Barre Syndrome / Acute Relapsing CIDP By Michael Kiser

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        Autobiography - This is a Personal Experience

        ‘Battling Guillain Barre Syndrome / Acute Relapsing CIDP’. This is a true story of Michael J. Kiser’s life experiences, which started on May 14, 2006 and he is still battling to fully recover from this syndrome.

        About the Book

        Michael J. Kiser’s reason for writing this book is to help and to give insight to others that are going through this and for those that might end up going through this syndrome. Very little is known about this syndrome, which attacks male and female at any age from New born to the elderly and all races.


        This book is also for those people that has no idea what this syndrome does to a person that is going through this life changing and or life taking syndrome. This book is to help all to understand what transpires in a persons life that is going through this syndrome.


        Of course every one that does end up experience this syndrome will notice that each case is totally different than the other so the doctors really cannot say much due to that each case is different. Why is that, well each person is totally different than the other. No two people will have the same experience, even though this syndrome does the same thing to every person that comes to experience this syndrome, which is that this syndrome attacks the nerves and as it does that the muscle stops working, which causes the paralyse in the feet legs and hands and arms.

        Note: This is not a medical book. It's an Inspirational story only.

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