By the Grace of God and You: A Chair Does Not A Person Make by Carol Schaufel

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        Carol’s Schaufel, chronological inspirational story leaves you with the message that only you are responsible for your own life. Everyone is just a person. Life happens to everyone, prepared or not! Having a disability doesn’t mean your life will be worse than another person’s, just different. Above all, live life. Don’t just exist! Be yourself! Be!

        How did Carol find her way to success? We all have to find our own way! We are all more alike than we are different. If you are curious how a person with a disability may see herself as a child, a coworker, a spouse, etc., this book is for you. There is not much that hasn’t happened to Carol that hasn’t happened to others without disabilities. Laughter and tears fill the book.

        ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-057-9 (Paperback)
        ISBN 13: 9781615000906 (EBook)
        Publisher: DragonEye Publishing
        LCCN: 2014950090
        Publication date: September 20, 2014
        Pages: 256
        Product dimensions:
        Genre: Inspirational / Family / Health / Impairments
        Age: 15 and up

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