When all the information is put together, there is only one conclusion...the one, true language of the world is the Cosmic Key that built everything - the Master Blueprint to all in existence. From the Universe to the smallest particle that exists, there can be only one language that describes it.Everything is staring mankind in the face...from the Pyramids to the worlds beyond worlds, using the Golden Ratio, Mathematics, Sounds, and more. It was the first language for everyone in the beginning, but was confused, and scattered into nations of people who spoke many different languages. Spreading out over the world, humans in every corner of the Earth have puzzled over and over as to what happened, and is there something that they have missed. Yes, we have.This book fills in that blank, and asks another question...can the one language be gathered once again to the people? Can humans regain what they have lost? And, if they do, they will find themselves in a world that they never thought would exist! A world and a Universe that will have more meaning than has ever been known! The truth will unfold to a point that there will be no doubt left that we have one creator, and his name and hands are everywhere we look. Who is He? Inside these pages, you will discover something that is awe inspiring, and will change many hearts and minds forever with the revelation.